Noves Tecnologies Robotics, programming and more

New Technologies

New technologies are an essential tool in our everyday school environment. For this reason, our students learn to classify the most effective tools and how they can use them in their tasks.

Children at Primary begin with Scratch and start to create small robots with LEGO Wedo technology and EV3 in a collaboratively way. We also teach them Office and learn about Google and its applications (docs, classroom, power point presentations, etc.).

Always betting on science

Students of ESO continue to build more complex robots, working and creating new applications for mobile devices. In the area of ??science we use SCIENCE BITS working method in which the computer is the basic tool. This method is excellent as a resource as it encourages interaction between students and student-teacher thanks to the extensive amount of multimedia: illustrations, 3D models, videos, audios, animations, simulations and experiments.

Robòtica educativa Robotics

We believe in this approach to learning as it develops skills such as test and error, team work, entrepeneuring and leadership.

Google Apps for education

Google´s solution to collaborative work among education centers, it offers resources as a word processing, excel sheets or presentations.

Science Bits

Proporciona unitats didàctiques que promouen l’aprenentatge comprensivament. Les activitats estan dissenyades cuidadosament sobre la base dels últims descobriments científics sobre com aprenen les persones.

PDI and laptops

All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and laptops this way they are always available for teachers and students.