Educació en valors We do not only educate academically but also in values

Values education

Our line is structured in pedagogical work values ??from the first years of primary school. We belong to the Associated Schools of UNESCO to further action and transmission of these values, through different types of activities for the entire educational community: teachers, students and parents. They actively participate in these actions.

We promote a human approach

Among these values we can highlight social awareness by taking part in the project Schools + Sustainable, Food Bank and recycling clothes and caps for a charitable cause.

We also work at more human aspects such as School UNESCO because, ultimately, we believe in a 360-degree-education, that is, education not only focused on knowledge but also personal growth and emotional development of our students, to prepare them for their personal and professional future.

Som Escola UNESCO We are School UNESCO

We work in a transversal way with our students issues like promiting and respecting human rights, analysis of environmental issues, global issues and the role of organisations and education 

Escoles + Sostenibles. School + Sustainables

It is a programme thought so students are able to imagine and build a better and more sustainable world. Currently we are recycling paper at school and we have a school allotment.

Banc d’aliments. Food banks

From many years our students participate in collecting food for this institution. We believe is a way to promote solidarity and  social conciousness.

Fundació Glorr

This is also a long term project, families are asked to bring clothes for people in need. It is anothe way to promote solidarity among others.