Anglès Used as a transversal language


We are a trilingual school, applying the methodology AICLE in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary. We believe that English should be learned as a main language the same way that Catalan and Spanish. Our students acquire communication skills in English in different contexts because, in addition to specific hours of English language, we teach different subjects in English such as Arts, Arts & Crafts, Computers and Projects.


On the one hand our 6th grade students are trained for the Cambridge Examination, which corresponds to level A2, and 4th ESO students the one which corresponds to level B2. We also organise trips to England for primary and secondary education, as well as participating in ERASMUS.

Assignatures en anglèsSubjects in English

We teach several subjects in English, such as Science, Arts & Crafts and IT in English, so our students will have a full command of the language.

Examens oficialsOficial Examinations

All our students carry out several oficial exams, those are KET (A2) and First Certificate (B2). We are also an oficial center for Cambridge Examinations.

Estades a l’AnglaterraVisiting England

Students travel for a week to an English city, where they attend school, workshops, outings, and they live with an English family during their stay.

Auxiliars de conversa en anglès Speaking Assistant Teacher

The aim is to increase the hours our students speak with a native speaker.

Projectes Erasmus+

This project is carried out with ESO students to promote the use of English, as well as getting to know more about other cultures throughout exchanges among our students and students from other countries.