Estiu en l’ESO We can not stop educating, so we also do it in summer

Summer ESO

This summer we offer a robotics summer workshops where your children can build small robots and experience new technologies.

The activities are addressed to students from 10 to 16

  • Developing solutions, selecting, building, testing and evaluating
  • Brainstorming to find creative solutions 
  • Learning to communicate, share ideas and team work.
  • Promoting self learning.
  • Adquirir experiència en sensors, motors i brics intel.ligents.Acquiring expertise in sensors, motors and 

Topics we will work at

1. Handling, organisation and maintenance of materials: computers, parts, robots, etc.
2. Understanding the operation of robots.
3. Development of hypotheses to solve age-appropriate technological proposals.
4. Develop sequential cause-consequence thinking.


Every week we will work on a project with LEGO Education resources
and other technological tools.This project is based on robotics, technology and programming.

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