Projecte Educatiu Human and intellectual formation adapted to nowadays

Your educative project

Our educative aim is to offer the kind of school based on a trilingual project, with a personal approach to our students and a human and intellectual training.

The education plan is not only focused on our students having a high academic level, but we also propose an integral education focused on human, cultural, artistic and sport areas. This is the reason why the activities are held focusing on competences and, in some cases, with a transversal approach.

  • Learn foreign languages.
  • New technologies.
  • Promote working by projects and cooperative learning.
  • Educate our student on a personal and social level.

What do we offer?

We offer an educative project that is coherent and global, where we make a close follow up of the student, we also promote team work. That is why social harmony and activities proposed by the school are essential for the pesonal development of our students.

Projecte Educatiu trilingüeTrilingual Educative Project

.At the school we teach our students Catalan, Spanish and English at the same level.

Xinès com a segona llengua estrangeraChinese as a second foreign language

We have incorporated Chinese as a second foreign language from First Primary to Fourth ESO

Treballs interdisciplinarisInterdisciplinary work

We integrate several learning ways, such as promiting the use of Technology and multimedia resources as tools for learning, and thus creating motivation for the learninc process.

Treball per projectesWork by projects

We integrate several fields to promote the use of TIC and multimedia to motivate the learning process.

New Technologies

They are an important part in our school environment. Our students learn different tools such as robotics, google apps for education, blogs, etc.