Innovació Pedagógica We work with a methodology and from a unique perspective

We promote motivation

In addition to achieving the objectives of the curriculum, we plan projects that enhance student creativity and motivation to work areas from another perspective and methodology.



This project ( 3 to 12) is based on multiple intelligences that allows to work Maths in a useful and practical way and offers multiple methods and resources for teachers so students are motivated. Its aim is that students are able to analyze and solve maths situations, in a practical and particular contex and from that analysis of this context are able to use all the resources (knowledge) to solve the problem effectively.


Educació en valors (UNESCO/Escoles Sostenibles)

Our school follows a a teaching process where working at values is one of our main objectives. We belong to Pla d´Escoles in UNESCO so we can deepen in transmitting values through different activities carried out by our students. Parents and educative community have an important role in these and they participate actively.

Comenius - Schools Exchanges

This project is carried out with students from ESO to promote the use of English, as well as getting to know other cultures by exchanging schools with students from other countries. For more information click here.

Arts Education Project

We will work on visual and arts education through different stages in history of art, from the beginning to our current period.

The pleasure of reading 

The pleasure of reading is a project that aims to promote and create a real habit of reading. This project came from observing the students' attitudes toward reading.

Destreses comunicatives Communicative Skills

The aim is to develop the student´s abilities at speaking as well as writing in Catalan and Spanish. We will promote debating in groups about topics adolescents are interested in and we will explore the emotions.

Tractament de la diversitat a l'aula Diversity in the classroom

Attention to diversity goes beyong attending students´ lacks, falling behind, lack of attention o those who come from other cultures. Addressing diversity means to take care of each of the individualities in the classroom and respond to their process of teaching- learning, so much diversity is not enough for the content and needs more, like a new student who just arrived and does not know any of the languages used to communicate in school.