centres associats Training accompanying students for the total development of their capacities

We belong to a group of schools where our educational teams formed by professionals entirely dedicated are the best guarantee of teamwork.

Full training which helps our students to develop their skills and aptitudes

The dynamic relationship between educators, parents and students allows us to continue the educational function of our centers.

 Educational line from 0 to 18.

  • Kindergarten (0 to 3)
  • Nursery (3 to 6)
  • Primary & Secondary (6 to 16)
  • High School (16 to 18)
  • Formative Cycles (16 to 18)
  • Non-formal education (18 to 26)
  • Educational Excellence

    Academic knowledge and skills that students need to achieve their full potential 

  • Individual Learning

    Support systems adapted to the specific needs of students.

  • Languages

    The curriculum ensures that students are fluent in English and other languages ??such as Chinese.

  • Teachers

    One of the most important pillars because of their knowledge, experience, and dedication.