Our Advantages

Our teaching is focused on personal growth

  • English

    We are a trilingual school

  • New Technologies

    We teach tools of the future

  • Work by projects

    We believe in pedagogical innovation

  • Values

    We believe in personal development


  • Work by projects

    Teachers and students perform a task group on issues in the area of ??natural and social environment.

  • Emotional Education

    It is an educational process that aims to promote the development of emotional skills in our students to achieve comprehensive development of the person.


  • Programming & Robotics

    Activities are planned for the students to solve such challenges, as a group, providing solutions developed among all members.

  • Science Bits

    It is a repository of multimedia lessons in science, based on the investigation, discovery, reflection and critical reasoning.


Know future events in the school

Our students observe, experiment and have fun in the school activities, a different approach to learning.

The activities carried out in the school always have a pedagogical approach and complement the learning in the classroom, cultural and sport activities are carried out , thought for students to enjoy while learning.

  • Btv
    1 ESO
    1 October 2016
  • Talks in Food Banks
    Primariy and Secondary
    13 October 2016
“Tell me and forget it, teach me and remember it, get involved and learn it” Benjamin Franklin

The education we offer

Our aim at Cole Camí is to lay the foundations of a full education based in two methods focused on excellence and full development of their capacities with a personal demand

  • The student is the center of the teaching and learning process, in an active and participative way. 
  • We promote curiosity and creativity in our students.
  • We made our students a close follow up through tutorials, always considering their personal development. 
  • Teachers work as a team
  • Evaluation by competences, where processes and results are considered. 
  • We encourage the value of effort and success in personal challenges.
  • Innovation

     Working in an innovative way, focusing not only on content but what is being taught

  • Tutorial Action

     Support is  a key when accompanying a student, together with the psicopedagogic department, so each student can make the best decisions.

  •  Varied methodologies

    We use varied methodologies such as scientific reasoning, projects, cooperative learning, with activities related to the student´s reality.

  • Results

    We reach excellent results without leaving anyone behind, and that is only possible by developing competences and collaborating with students, parents and teachers.


  • #
    Anna Ezquerro
    Mother and Former Student

    Una escola, que evoluciona amb el temps, que forma part del barri i que creixerà una mica més d'aquí uns mesos. Qui sap si el dia de demà els meus nets tambè puguin gaudir de l' escola...

    A school that evolves with time, is part of our neighbourhood and will grow more in the near future. Who knows if my grandchildren will also enjoy going there.

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    Melisa Rodríguez
    Student 4 ESO

    El Col·legi Camí ens ensenya com aconseguir els objectius amb dedicació, interès, constància...
    Aquesta és l'actitud! Aquí ens sentim recolzats i acompanyats en tot moment.

    Col.legi Camí teaches us to reach our objectives with dedication, interest and determination. This is the attitude! Here we feel supported and helped all times.

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    Pol Solsona
    Student 4 ESO

    Darrerament, el col·legi ha introduït les noves tecnologies en la formació, el que fa que els alumnes tinguem un millor enteniment amb les matèries i treballem amb eines d’avui dia molt importants. Lately the school has started using new technologies, which make students having a better understanding of the subjects as well as working with current tools.

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    Monica Rio
    Student Secundary

     I like Col.legi Cami because of their facilities, all the projects we make and the teachers. They tell us about many interesting things and they also help us when we have a problem.

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    Nuria Navarro

    La “nostra escola” és un punt de referencia bàsic, una escola propera, avançada i implicada, sempre disposada a col·laborar amb tots nosaltres. Our school is an important reference point, a close school, advanced and involved, always ready to collaborate with us.

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    Marta Ferrer
    Mother and Former Student

    Que l'escola li evoques els mateixos records que a mi... felicitat, alegria, moments inoblidables amb els companys... llavors, vaig prendre consciència de com va ser la meva etapa escolar i el pas per l´escola Camí

    Seeing my children having the same memories about the school than me: happiness, joy, unforgettable moments with classmates. I learnt then how important it was for me my time in Cami School


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